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  • Francesca Downie
    Amazing Malaysian food and Chinese food. The food here very very tasty and we ordered a lot of food. I love the sticky chicken and the noodles so much. The laksa is also damn good. Spot on! The restaurant not that big and it's busy at dinner time. But still... it's quite comfortable and we just focus on munching the food 🙃🙃 overall we absolutely enjoyed our dinner
    Francesca Downie
    You can have a taste of delicious Southern East Asian food here! Relatively cheaper price but the food tastes good and quite authentic. The service is good as well, very welcoming and friendly.
  • Kh Kiang
    Delicious food all round. I visited with my family for dinner, the 4 of us ordered 5 dishes to share between us. The salted fish and minced pork rice was authentic and not often found in menus. The chao kota teow, crispy squid and curry laksa noodle were all cooked to perfection. My recommendation is the golden spicy chicken. Not too spicy but so much flavour and tender. As good as you get in Asia.
    Kh Kiang
  • Keith Lau
    Really authentic Singaporean/Malaysian food! Very surprised and very impressed! Had curry chicken rice, nasi lemak, and the hainan chicken rice, delicious..
    Keith Lau
  • Leo Kearse
    Very delicious and reasonably priced. I really recommend the laksa, it's huge, spicy, and you can tell it's made with real stock. Amazing.
    Leo Kearse
    Authentic Malaysian cuisine in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The food is delicious and well-priced (and the chicken is halal!), and the staff are always friendly & helpful. I absolutely recommend Kampong Ah Lee, one of our favourite places at which to eat out.
  • Emra Baker
    Great little Malaysian restaurant. Especially liked the golden spicy chicken bites sooo yum. The nasi lemak was great too with a lot of flavour. Highly recommended.
    Emra Baker
  • Sergio Llorente
    Small restaurant with a good selection of Malaysian dishes. A great value between quality, price, and size serves (the soups are massive).
    Sergio Llorente
  • Iain Campbell
    Great place, well kept secret and frequent haunt with Malaysian friends when I was at uni, they've redone the decor which is slightly better but really people went there for the food anyway - which is great. When you notice the restaurant is quite narrow and wonder how it survives with such a small footprint on the street remember the answer - outstanding cooking. Strongly recommended. Try the satay and the spicy chicken. I always try to call in when in town. The staff are great and I'm very sympathetic to them running up and down the stairs to the kitchen all the time.
    Iain Campbell
  • Charlotte Hogan
    This place looks deceiving, but what a little gem. The food is amazing, fresh, the flavours are out of the world. The customer service is spot on and I love the history behind it.
    Charlotte Hogan